Who is behind DELINIO?

Well, this is me, Viron, a Swabian Greek or Greek Swabian (depending on your point of view), who also speaks High German!

After (too) many years in big international corporations, I'm finally doing what I've always wanted to do: "something with food". This thought has been floating through my head for a whole life. At the beginning, I supported smaller manufacturers in terms of marketing, organization and sales as a consultant, so to speak, and out of passion.

And sometime a few years ago, I couldn't let go of it: I learned to appreciate good olive oil and wanted to take it out of the country, along with other products around the Horiatiki salad.

In parallel and in preparation for the DELINIO brand, I did a 6-month training course as an olive oil taster. In doing so, I plunged into the depths of the flawless olive oil. It is not that I am now omniscient about the subject. I am not assuming this to myself. However, I was able to deepen my knowledge and incorporate it into the manufacture of DELINIO products.

At DELINIO there are products that still taste like something, made by people like you and me who also go the extra mile!

Have fun while enjoying!

In this endeavour I am supported by an energetic team:

Angeliki, takes care of more than just the back office.

Mike, is our man for social media.

Artemis, takes the photos with her Super Nikon.

Dimitris, is the passionate and meticulous miller.

Mando, the ex-Marketing Manager, now takes care of the family grove.

Thanasis, is the reliable freight forwarder.

Thanasis and Giannis, take care of the herbs high on the mountain.

Stefanos, makes sure that the olives are always debittered long enough and that they ripen properly.